Small panorama walk Tirolo/Merano

Panorama chairlift mountain station > Lido Tirolo > Gnaidweg > Kircher > Tappeinerweg towards Merano > Panorama chairlift to Tirolo

Starting point is the Panorama chairlift mountain station, from there a few hundred metres up towards Tirolo village centre. Shortly before the main road, turn left at Hotel Gartner towards Lido. This is where the Gnaid path begins. Walk along this path until you reach the Tappeiner path turn and follow it in the direction of Meran. Pass the Cafe Schlehdorf until finally a small crossing on the Tappeinerweg appears, here we descend comfortably towards the city centre of Merano. Right at the end is the Panorama chairlift valley station and after this pleasant hike will take you back to Dort Tirol in a few minutes.

Alternatively, you can stay in Merano, visit one of the many sights or simply enjoy a cup of coffee on the promenade.